Healing Crystal , the associated flowers , herbs , oils , incenses , planet
Color Crystal/Stone Planet Element Candle colour Chakra Herbs,Incenses and Oils Flowers Associated Crystals
White/Clear Clear Quartz Sun Fire Gold Crown Bay,Frankincense,orange Golden chrysanthemum,Marsigold and Sunflower Diamond,white sapphire and
            roseMarsry and St John's wort   White Topaz
  Milky Quartz Moon Water Silver Sacral Jasmine,lemon balm,peach Lily,narcissus and white lotus Moonstone,pearl and water opal
            rose and vanilla    
  Snow Quartz Moon Water White Crown Cypress,angellica,cedar, Glastonbury Thorn blossom,snowdrop and white Sardony,snowflake obsidian and
            jasmine and mimosa crocus white opal
  Faden Quartz Marss Fire White All Almond,juniper,nutmeg,sweet Edelweiss,red and white carnations Rutilated quartz,tourmalated
            tobacco and tangerine   quartz and tree agate
  Phantom Quartz Moon Water Silver Crown/ Jasmine,coconut,eucalyptus, Snowdrop,lilly of the valley and mimosa Moonstone,selenite and milky
          brow gardenia and lotus   (clouded) white quartz
  Rainbow Quartz Moon Water/ Silver/Gold All Lemon,frankincense,myrrh, Roses of different colours Pearl,rainbow obsidian and any
      fire     orange and sandalwood   precious opal
  Tourmalated Quartz Pluto Water/ White Crown/ Cypress,juniper,mugwort,rosewood  Hyacinth,sea lavender  Rutilated quartz,snowflake obsidian
      air   brow and wintergreen   and tree agate
  Moonstone Moon Water Silver Sacral Jasmine,lemon,mimosa,myrrh  Lotus,poppy and lilly Opal,pearl and selenite
          brow and wintergreen    
  Rainbow Moonstone Moon Water Silver Sacral Lemon balm,coconut,lotus,mimosa Jasmine,magnolia and white water lilies Rainbow quartz,pearl and precious opal
  Apophyllite Mercury Air Lemon yellow Crown Lemon,bergamot,lemongrass,lime and Lavender,lilly of the valley and flowering mint Faden quartz and prehnite
  Clear Fluorite Neptune Water White Brow Lily of the valley,chamomile,lemon Bluebell,wild daffodil Apophyllite,milky quartz and water opal
            verbana and yarrow    
  Diamond Sun  Fire Gold Crown Bay,lime and ylang ylang Sunflower,white roses and white lotus Crystal quartz,herkimer diamond and  
  Herkimer Diamond Sun Fire Gold Crown Neroli,avocado,lemon,lime and Cyclamen,dahila and tiger lily Clear Florite,diamond and
      Water   brow olive   faden quartz
  Selenite Moon Water Silver Brow Jasmine,lemon balm,peach,rose, Chamomile,gardenia,grape hyacinth and poppy Milky quartz,moonstone and pearl
          Sacral vanilla    
  White Opal Moon Water Silver Brow Eucalyptus,jasmine,peach and  Night stock,orchid and white water lily Milky quartz,selenite and white pearl
          Sacral sandalwood    
  Water or jelly opal Moon Water Silver Sacral Lemon,chamomile,coconut,rose Lemon blossom,lily of the valley Moonstone,pearl and water opal
  Pearl Moon Water Silver Crown Gardenia rose and sandalwood Lotus,sea holly and sea lavender Aquamarine,blue coral and mother of
        Turquoise Sacral     pearl
  Mother-Of-Pearl Neptune Water Aquamarine Brow Kelp,lemon verbana,tea tree  Madonna lily,passionflower and peach blossom Amber,pearl and water opal
  White Howlite/ Earth Earth Grey Root Clary sage,lemongrass Mosses and wallflowers Blue chacedony,snow quartz and
  White Sapphire Mercury Air White Crown Ferns,lavender,lilac and sweetgrass White carnation,hyacinth and rose Herkimer diamond,diamond and white
    Sun Fire         topaz
  White Topaz Sun Fire Gold Crown Bay,basil,lime,tingerine and rosemary Daffodil and yellow lily Clear quartz,diamond and moonstone
    Moon Water          
Purple Amethyst Jupiter Air Dark Blue Brow Dusky rose petals,pachouli, Lavender,violet and lilac Rose quartz,moonstone and jade
        Purple   lavender,chamomile     
  Purple Fluorite Neptune Water Lilac Crown Clary sage , chamomile, Hebe,lavender and lilac Amethyst,blue calcite and watermelon
            rosewood   tourmaline
  Sugilite Jupiter Air Dark blue Brow Acacia,benzoin,lavender Cyclamen,fuchia and violet Amethyst,kunzite and lapis lazuli
  Lepidolite Saturn Earth Deep purple Crown Cedar,comfrey,patchouli, Dark tulip,foxglove and verbana Charoite,diopside and kunzite
          Brow vetivert and wintergreen    
  Charoite Neptune Water Any shade of Brow Gardenia,lemon and Michelmas daisy,plantain and thistle Lapis lazuli,lepidolite and lavender
        purple Heart sandalwood   fluorite
Blue Turquoise Venus Fire Bright blue Throat Cedar,hyssop,sandalwood Carnation Azurite,lapis lazuli and blue
    Neptune Air         howlite
  Blue Lace Agate Neptune Water pale blue Throat Fern,star anise Blue bell,forget-me-not AquaMarsine,blue calcite
  Blue Quartz Mercury Air Mid-blue Brow Fennel,bergamot,lavender Blue hyacinth,lupin Aqua aqua,blue topaz and blue
          Throat and lemongrass   sapphire
  Kyanite Juniper  Water Sky-blue Throat lavender Blue hyacinth,sea lavender Apatite,blue lace agate
  Lapis Lazuli Jupiter Air Royal blue Brow Cedar and sandalwood Iris Azurite,sodalite and turquoise
          Third eye      
  Sodalite Moon Water Indigo Throat Hyssop,lavender and rosewood Bluebell,cornflower and violet Amethyst,azurite and lapiz lazuli
      Air   Brow      
  Sapphire Saturn Air Sky-blue Brow Benzoin,lemon verbana,sage, Blue lotus,cornflower  AquMarsine,blue tourmaline
          Throat sandalwood   and blue zircon
  Blue Coral Neptune Water Mid-blue Throat Gardenia,kelp,rosewood, Bluebell,sea lavender Blue lace agate,blue chalcedony
            vanilla and vervain    
  AquaMarsine Neptune Water Turquoise Throat Eucalyptus,tea tree and Hydrengea and lemon blossom Blue lace agate,emerald and jade
  Azurite Jupiter Air Bright blue Brow Ash,clary sage and  Blue lotus,cornflower and orchid Blue topaz,lapis lazuli and sodalite
          Throat sandalwood    
  Blue Chalcedony Moon Water Silver Sacral Lemon,coconut,gardenia and Mallow,Marssh orchid and pansy Blue topaz
          Root sandalwood    
  Rainbow Opal Moon Earth Any with more Brow Jasmine,lemon and vanilla Lilly of the valley , magnolia and peach blossom Fire opal,rainbow moonstone and
        than one colour Throat     pearl
  Chrysocolla Venus Water Turquoise Throat Clover,lemon verbana and African violet,eucalyptus and geranium Copper,malachite and blue lace agate
          Heart strawberry    
  Blue Topaz Jupiter Air Light blue Crown Lilac,cedarwood,lavender, Gladioli and iris Blue sapphire,lapis lazuli and
            rosewood and vanilla   turquoise
  Blue Calcite Moon Water Silver Throat Violet,ambergis,jasmine, Bluebell,sea lavender Blue lace agate
            mimosa,rose and yarrow    
  Hawk's eye/ Jupiter Air Mid-blue Brow Lemon balm,aloe vera,roseMarsy Flowering,bergamot,mint,lupin and larkspur Blue lace agate and sapphire
            and sandalwood    
  Blue Goldstone Uranus Fire Silver Crown Copal,lavender,pine,sweet pea Iris and star flower Iron pyrites,lapis lazuli and turquoise
      Earth   Brow      
  Apatite Jupiter Air Deep blue Throat Ferns,lemongrass,lemon verbana, Almond blossom,echinacea Calcite,kyanite and jade
      Earth     rosewood and vanilla    
Green Green Fluorite Neptune Water Lavender Throat Aloe vera,eucalyptus,lemon lime Water lilly All forms of jade,watermelon
          Heart     tourmaline
  Moss Agate Earth Earth Moss  Heart Fern,moss,parsley,thyme and Snowdrop,crocus Amber,leopardskin jasper and tree
        Olive green   watergreen   agate
  Moldavite Uranus Fire Deep green Crown Citron,mace,papyrus,pine Blue lotus,orchid and star flower Lava and textite
  Amazonite Uranus Air Turquoise Throat Basil,bergamot,fennel,mint Hyacinth,hydrengea and tulip Aventurine,bloodstone and green
          Heart     garnet
  Green Aventurine Mercury Earth Mint green Heart Bay,oakmoss,parsley,patchouli Begonias,daphne and gladioli Amazonite,bloodstone and olivine/
        Silver   and sagebrush   peridot
  Tree Agate Mercury Air White Crown Cedar,ivy,cypress,rosewood and All flowering trees Jade,moss agate and rutilated
    Earth       pine   quartz
  Green Calcite Earth Earth Pale green Heart Clary sage,honeysuckle,lemon  Crowslip,evening primrose and bee orchid Jade,prehnite and serpentine
            balm,rosewood and wintergreen    
  Emerald Venus Earth Green Heart Lilac,avocado,lily of the valley, Cyclamen,daisy and rose AquaMarsine,chrysoberyl and topaz
            strawberry and vanilla    
  Azurite with Malachite Uranus Air Turquoise Crown Bergamot,lemon verbana and Sea holly and sweet pea Azurite,lapis lazuli and turquoise
  Malachite Venus Earth Emerald Heart Cedar,fennel,parsley,pine,sage Gladioli,hollyhock and iris Amazonite,aventurine 
  Serpentine Pluto Earth Brown Solar Fennel,agrimony dill,eau de cologne Ground ivy Amazonite and leopardskin jasper
      Water   Plexus and lavender    
  Diopside Mercury Air Silver Throat Clover,ferns,gun mastic,lavender, Lilac Cat's eye,rutilated quartz 
          Heart lemongrass    
  Green Garnet Venus Water Green Heart Mimosa,rose,roseMarsy and Freesia and rose Serpentine,emerald and red garnet
      Fire     ylang ylang    
  Unakite Mars Fire Pink Heart Apple blossom,moss,rose and yarrow Lilly of the valley and passionflower Moss agate,rhodonite and tree agate
    Venus Water          
  Olivine/Peridot Venus Earth Olive Heart Ivy,lavender,olive,patchouli and pine Hyacinth,lilac and orchid Emerald,green topaz and serpentine
        Dark green        
  Watermelon Venus Water Pink Heart Rose,vanilla Apple blossom,orange blossom and all tiny Green calcite,pink calcite and ruby
  Tourmaline Mars Fire       roses and rosebuds in zoisite
  Chrysoprase Venus Earth Mint or Heart Apple blossom,lemon balm,rose Evening primrose and daisy Green aventurine,green calcite and
        apple green       jade
Pink Rose Quartz Venus Earth Pink Heart Vervain,echinacea,geranium Apple blossom , daisy , lilac and rose Amethyst,moonstone and jade
            strawberry and ylang ylang    
  Pink Tourmaline Vanus Water Dark pink Heart Aloe vera,ylang ylang Hydrangea  Green Flourite , ruby in zoisite
                and pink spinel
  Coral Neptune Water Orange Heart Allspice,clover,cumin,kelp Sea lavender Red jasper,amber and carnelian
  Pink Chalcedony Moon Water Mauve Heart Lemon verbana,lilly of the valley, Crocus,pink roses Milky quartz,pink moonstone and rose
            mimosa,rosewood and violet   quartz
  Kunzite Venus Earth Pink Heart Lilac,chamomile,lavender,rose and Crocus,primrose and violet Amethyst,purple fluorite and sugilite
    Pluto       ylang ylang    
  Rhodochrosite Mars Fire Bright pink Heart Cedarwood,orange,rose Pink carnation,sweet pea and hibiscus Rhodonite,garnet
  Rhodonite Venus Earth Rose pink Heart African violet,angelica,rose  Poppies,carnation and red and pink roses Pink chalcedony,rhodochrosite
  Mangano/Pink Calcite Venus Water Pale pink Heart Lemon balm,chamomile,lavender,lily o f Lily,pale-pink-roses and snowdrop Amethyst,pink chalcedony and rose
            the valley and rose   quartz
  Pink Spinel Pluto Fire Deep pink Throat Acacia,cedarwood,mimisa,gardenia Dog rose,freesia Pink chalcedony,ruby and sapphire
Yellow Citrine Mercury Air Lemon Crown Almond , bergamot,lemon  Daffodil , peach blossom and primrose Yellow diamond , golden topaz
            verbana , lily of the valley   and yellow zircon
  Yellow Jasper Saturn Earth Sandy  Root Hyssop ,chamomile,fennel Cactus , tulip and wallflower Lemon Crysoprase , leopardskin 
        yellow       jasper 
  Rutilated Quartz Sun  Fire Gold Solar Basil , garlic , orange Aster , broom Iron pyrites , obsidian and tektite
  Yellow Calcite Neptune Water yellow Sacral Lemon balm,eucalyptus sea lavender and water lilly Fluorite,sugilite and aragonite
  Chrysoberyl/ Sun Fire Gold Solar Avocado,aloe vera,bergamot Daffodil,poppy and yellow iris Topaz,emerald and ruby
  Alexandrite Venus Earth Emerald green Plexus      
  Ametrine Mercury Air Pearl Grey Crown Lavender , lemongrass, lemon Lilac,Michaelmas daisy and wild rose Amethyst,citrine,smoky quartz
            verbana,lime and sweetgrass    
  Sunstone Sun Fire Gold Solar Bay, Frankincense,saffron Sunflower Citrine , fire opal and topaz
  Yellow Aragonite Earth Earth Honey Heart Clary sage,moss,ivy Evening primrose Coral,green fluorite and yellow calcite
  Golden Topaz Sun Fire Gold Solar Bay,orange Sunflower Chrysoberyl,citrine and tiger's eye
Orange Amber Sun Fire Gold Solar Saffron , frankincense , bay Sunflower , dandelion , Marsygold Blood agate , carnelian and sunstone
  Orange Aragonite Saturn Earth Orange or Sacral Clary sage,cedar,pine Clematis,honeysuckle and wisteria Brown zircon , orange calcite
        golden brown       and orange celestine
  Copper Venus Water Emerald green Crown Magnolia,mallow,mimosa, AMarsyllis,fuchsia and pink orchids Emerald,malachite and zinc
          Heart vanilla and yarrow    
  Carnelian Sun Fire Orange Solar Copal,frankincense,juniper, Carnation , peony Amber,coral and orange or red
          Plexus orange and rue   jasper
  Orange Calcite Sun Earth Orange Sacral Musk,lemongrass,roseMarsry Orange Blossom and peach Blossom Aragonite , peach aventurine 
            and tangerine    
Red Jasper Marss Fire Red Root Cedar wood , ginger and mint All bright red flowers , especially tulip, poppy Agate , bloodstone and tiger's eye
        Burgundy     and carnation  
  Red Agate Marss Fire Red Solar Allspice,clovers,musk amd Gloadioli , passionflower Jasper , garnet and ruby
          Plexus pepermint    
  Fire Opal Marss Fire Silver Solar Barberry,copal,roseMarsry AMarsa , begonia Moonstone,rainbow obsidian
      Water   Plexus     and ruby
  Red Tiger's eye Marss Fire Deep red Root Clovers , angellica , madarin Geranium and scarlet sage aventurine , red jasper and
            and pepermint   golden tiger's eye
  Ruby Marss Fire Rich red Sacra Basil,allspice,dragon's blood  Red Carnation Garnet,tourmaline and red zircon
          Root , mint and roseMarsry    
  Ruby in Zoisite Marss Earth Green or Heart Cedar , fennel,pine,roseMarsy Gentian,poppy and red valerian Jasper , ruby and watermelon
      Fire Green + Red Root     tourmaline
  Garnet Marss Fire Dark red Root Copal,cinnamon,dragon's Red geranium , dark red roses , tiger lily Bloodstone,red tiger's eye and ruby
            blood,giner and pine    
  Bloodstone/ Marss Fire Red Root Basil,cinnamon,cumin,dragon Scarlet pimpernel,red carnation and snapdragon Amazonite,carnelian and red
          Sacral s blood and ginger   jasper
  Red Aventurine Marss Earth Deep red Salar Cedar,grey sage,roseMarsy, Columbine,red clover and tiger lily Carnelian , red agate and red jasper
          Plexus sweetgrass     
Brown Tiger ' s eye Sun Fire Gold Solar Bay,blessed thistle,saffron, Buttercup,peony and sunflower Amber,carnelian and golden topaz
      Earth   Plexus spearmint and walnut    
  Banded Agate Mercury Air Dark yellow Root Anise,ferns,lemongrass, Heather , lavender and pansy Leopardskin jasper,moss agate
      Earth     sweetgrass    and tree agate
  Leopardskin Jasper Mercury Air Yellow Brow Almond,dill,fennel,lavender Blue poppy,bramble and yellow iris Dalmation jasper,tree agate
      Earth   throat and lemomgrass    
  Cat ' eye Sun Fire Gold Sacral Apricot,benzoin,frankencense, Freesia,oleandar and peach blossom Hawk ' eye , peridot and topaz
    Venus Earth     neroli    
  Smoky Quartz Saturn Earth Indigo Crown Cedar,cypress,ivy,mullein and Brown carnation,mimosa and pansy Garnet,obsidian and rutilated
          Root patchouli   quartz
Black Obsidian Pluto Fire Burgundy Root Basil,mint,parsley,pine and Primula,thrstle and tulip Blue goldstone,moldavite and
    Saturn Earth     sandalwood   textite
  Jet Saturn Earth Very dark  Root Cedar,cypress,ivy,hypsso  Asphodel,dark-red carnation and white lily Black Marsble,obsidian and black
        purple or black       onyx
  Black Onyx Saturn Earth White Root Aloe Vera,amberfris copal, Wild Cherry,flowering ivy Jet , Black Marsble
  Snowflake Obsidian Saturn Earth White Crown Cedar,cypress,lemongrass, Sweet tobacco,snowdrop and white hyacinth Apache tears,black onyx and
          Root sweetgrass and yarrow   sardonyx
  Tektite Jupiter Fire Grey Brow Allspice,basil,dragon's blood, Hollyhock , red thistle and blood-red roses Moldavite,meteorite and 
    Pluto       ginger,juniper   obsidian
  Black Opal Suturn Water Silver Root Cypress,Ivy,mugwort,myrrh Lily , white carnation and white lotus Black pearl , obsidian and jet
    Marss     Crown and sandalwood    
  Black Pearl Moon Water Silver Sacral Calamus,ambergris,moonwort, Jasmine,night scented stock and Iris Black Opal,rainbow obsidian
            lemon balm and violet   and apache tears
  Labradirite Pluto Ice Burgundy Solar Basil,hyssop,lemon,mugwort  Gardenia,blossom and snowdrop Rainbow moonstone,satin spar
          Plexus and snowdrop   and snow quartz
  Hematite Marss Fire Silver Solar Dragon's blood,ginger,juniper, Passion flower , red tulip and snapdragon Bloodstone,red agate,iron
          Plexus parsley and snapdragon   pyrites
  Iron Pyrites Marss Earth Silver or Grey Solar Copal,cinnamon,dragon's Bracken,Flowering thorn and Gold , hematite and lodestone
    Pluto     Plexus blood,ginger and mint thistle  

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